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AbbyPH ID: #6966
Abby is 9 weeks old and 4 pounds of pug puppy perfection! She loves toys, bully sticks and can romp and play her day away. She is a pro at crate training and sleeping all night with no accidents in the crate. Abby quickly goes potty outside and is a good eater of dry kibble. She is completely socialized around children but nips and nibbles with very sharp teeth as all puppies do. Abby loves other dogs and would do well in a home with dogs (she has not been tested around cats). Baby Abby is a rare jewel and completely healthy with a shiny beautiful fawn body, dark stripe down her back, a black expressive face and a white patch on her chest with a perfect coiled puggy tail. She has such a delightful personality and brings instant joy into every room. Abby is a dream Pug!!!

AbnerPH ID: #6952
One half of the dynamic duo! This beautiful 6 year old boy is best friends with his gal pal Amber who he has to be adopted with. He is perfect. He and bestie Amber will follow you room to room & cuddle on the couch with you. When you are talking, he looks at you and just hangs on to every word you say.

He loves toys & is seen carrying one in his mouth when he is super happy.

On down time, Abner and Amber will sit side by side or in close proximity to each other patiently waiting.

He gets along with kids and other dogs.

He also uses a doggie door.

AdamPH ID: #6957
Adam made his way to PugHearts along with 4 other dogs from The Rio Grande Valley on the same weekend. When our volunteers first picked up Adam it was evident that he’d been an outside dog for most of his life. He was covered in fleas and had a very dull coat. Once in Houston, Adam made his way to our vet where it was discovered that Adam is strong-direct heartworm positive. Thankfully he has no scarring in the heart or lungs and has not coughed even once while in foster care. He did great taking his first heartgard and is on 30 days of Doxycycline to begin his heartworm treatment journey. Adam will need to be neutered as well as have his stenotic nares repaired. I’m his foster home it has to fun to watch Adam’s personality blossom. He loves sleeping on the couch during the and when it gets too hectic Adam will put himself in the crate and close the door. He growls for everything. When he’s happy, he growls. When he’s annoyed, he growls. When he’s hungry, he growls. When he wants outside, he growls….like I mentioned, it’s for everything. He never acts out or tries to fight, but it’s an important thing to think about if there’s a dog in the home that might be set off by this. Adam is 3 years old and has the cutest little body. He is stocky and compact, weighing 15 pounds of pure muscle. We are working on house training, and so far he’s doing way better than expected. Just the occasional marking, but for an outside intact male, that’s pretty good! Adam will need to complete his heartworm treatment prior to adoption, but that can’t stop him from meeting his new family now!

AddiePH ID: #7029
Foster Addie is a 5-month-old puppy that came to PugHearts through no fault of her own. She’s still learning the ropes at my house, but she’s catching on quickly and learning from her elders! She sleeps in her crate at night, and I don’t hear a peep out of her until I walk in the kitchen to get everyone’s breakfast ready. She sleeps through the night and hasn’t had any accidents in her crate other than her first night. We’re still working on potty training, but as long as you’re consistent and letting her out frequently, she’ll do just fine.

She’s not much of a barker, and she’s not showing any alpha tendencies at this time. That could possibly change in the future, but so far, she gets along really well with everyone and just enjoys play time and chewing on the buffalo horns strewn all over my house. I have caught her trying to chew on my desk when I’m in my office, but I just redirect her with a horn and she’s fine.

She loves playing in water, so if you have a baby pool, or if you could invest in one for her to enjoy, she would greatly appreciate it. My daughter caught her playing in the giant water bowl I keep on the back patio, and since she’s so little, she fit perfectly. She wasn’t a fan of the bath I gave her earlier that morning, but that’s probably because it wasn’t her idea!

Addie is heartworm negative and will be available for adoption early August. Get those apps in because this little girl will go quick!

AlexPH ID: #7027
Full Description Coming Soon!

AllegraPH ID: #6565
Allegra is a 4 year old female and is proud to call herself a China pug! Although we will update her bio as she settles in her personality continues to emerge, she is very sweet and affectionate. She doesn't initiate play with other dogs, but she is starting to play when they initiate it with her. Some of her favorite things are toys with squeakers, meal time, and snuggle time with her humans. She is good with kids. She crates well. We are working on potty training, and while she is already improving after just a couple of weeks, due to her background, we expect it will be several more weeks before she is fully housetrained. She is not yet available due to some medical issues, but she should be medically cleared for adoption in a few more weeks. This little girl is happy, sweet and cute!

AmberPH ID: #6953
One half of the dynamic duo! This beautiful 6 year old girl is Amber and she has a best friend named Abner who she had to be adopted with. She is an absolute doll - she and bestie Abner will follow you from room to room and enjoy relaxing on the couch with you.

She loves toys - she will pick one up and either walk around with it or lay down with it and chew away .

On down time, Abner and Amber will sit side by side or in close proximity to each other patiently waiting.

She gets along with kids and other dogs.

She will also use a doggie door.

She has dry eye that requires drops twice a day for life.

AngelPH ID: #6860
Knock knock!!! Excuse me.....

PugHearts NAP (Not A Pug) Angel a.k.a. Angelo the winking Pekingese is seeking your attention.

The vet says he is 6 yrs old but he acts more like 3-4 yrs old, still love to play with toys, demands belly rubs, and cuddles! He is house broken, gets along with my grumble!

And do you see that one vampire tooth? Adorable!!!

AntonioPH ID: #6981
Please welcome Antonio an owner surrender from San Antonio to PugHearts! Antonio is 5 years old going on 2 years old fawn pug weighing in at ~14 lbs.

This little ball of energy is HW- and other then an ear infection is mostly healthy. He needs to be neutered, a teeth cleaning and potentially his nares and then will be ready for his forever home. He requires significant training in the bathroom department and basic commands.

AphroditePH ID: #7005
Aphrodite came to PugHearts as an owner surrender. She is 9 years young and a complete sweetheart. She is potty trained and can use the doggy door. She is also crate trained and sleeps quietly at night.

Other than a few minor ailments she is a healthy girl. She does have dry eye in her right eye and requires one eye drop in it everyday and will for the rest of her life.

She will be ready in a few weeks after she heals from her surgeries.

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AutryPH ID: #6971
Autry is a 2 year old male that comes to PugHearts from the Dallas area. He is heartworm negative, very active and LOVES toys.

He will be neutered and ready to be adopted soon.

BanningPH ID: #6969
Banning made his way to PugHearts after a witness in Rio Grande City witnessed someone throwing him out of a moving vehicle. Once in the care of our volunteers it was made clear that Banning has been abused, malnourished and neglected. Banning is missing large tufts of hair, and his coat his wiry and is unhealthy. He is severely underweight and will cower when his first meets someone. Banning traveled to Houston with five other pugs coming in to PugHearts. He made his way to our vet in Sugar Land for his intake exam. Because of his poor condition, he had a full blood work up to make sure his liver and kidneys are functioning properly. Thankfully, those all look great, but Banning in extremely anemic, which is common in dogs with tick borne illness. He didn’t receive all vaccines at this time, and will go back for a recheck to see if his numbers have improved with Doxycycline. Banning is 7 years old. He does need to be neutered and have his nares repaired, but we are holding off on scheduling surgery until he’s healthier. Banning is heartworm negative! Despite everything Banning is the absolute best boy. He loves cuddling with me and giving me kisses. He does well with the other dogs here and is working on house training. He’s not a fan of the crate, but that means I’m leaving, and for a dog like this, there’s a fear that I might not come back. He will learn and understand the routine soon. It’s been amazing to see Banning smile and relax, and I know his future is going to be amazing.

BarnettPH ID: #7017
Although Barnett is a handsome man, he has not been well cared for. He joined PugHearts with an ear infection, weak back legs, and heartworm positive.

Thankfully, he was immediately started on meds, and lots of love.

He is 8 years old, but still displays the attitude of a much younger dog. He likes toys, likes to play gently, and gets super excited to see his people. He get along great with other dogs and kids. He sleeps quietly in his crate and travels well in the car. He would probably do best in a home with few or no stairs due to his back legs which are a little wonky. He would also do well with rugs strategically placed to help him gain traction.

This sweet, happy boy is ready for his forever home after his neuter (6/22/22) and his heartworm treatment.

BeansPH ID: #5775
Beans is a 16 year old pug who loves 3 things: eating, sleeping, and eating again. He came to PugHearts a tad overweight at 26 pounds, but he has shed 2 pounds so far. He loves soft toys and is quite the character. Beans has had successful surgery to rid him of bladder stones, so he must stay on a restrictive diet to avoid a re-occurrence. He also has an old injury to his left eye and has no vision in it. Beans is a sedentary fellow who is happy with a low key lifestyle. He is happiest when he knows where you are and will especially follow you if you make your way into the kitchen....his favorite room. Beans sleeps in his own bed and is house trained. He gets along with other dogs and ignores the cat. Mr. Beans, as I refer to him, is a total sweetheart who is looking for a quiet home for his retirement years.


BellaPH ID: #6907
Please welcome this beautiful 2 year old, Bella. Bella comes to us as an owner surrender do to change in family. Bella had an amazing intake and is completely healthy. All she needs is to make sure she can’t have anymore babies. She is scheduled for her spay on March 31st. This little potato has the cutest underbite and a great head tilt. So far she is playful and well adjusted. Sleeps like an angel and is doing awesome using the potty outside, but will also use the puppy pads I have down for Margie. No accidents on the floor. She is able to use the doggy door as well.

BlainPH ID: #6932
Blain’s sweet eyes match his disposition, and when you gain his trust, he will gaze at you longingly like you are his whole world. He is a cuddler, wants to be with his person at all times, and does not take no for an answer when he is ready for attention. Don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect, and between his suckling holes in our throw blankets and changing belly band pads, we might invest in a few new stocks! He does well with our kids and loves to play with my 9-year-old, but human siblings are not a requirement for his happiness. He also loves playing chase with his four-legged foster brother, but he will do well as an only dog too. If you do have another dog, they need to be tolerant and playful. Blain is a back leg bitter of dogs, does not take no for an answer when he wants to chase, and plays his role perfectly as the pesky little brother. Blain is great on the leash and appreciates a walk around the neighborhood in cool weather, loves to sit on the couch and chew a bone… or your finger, computer or whatever you might have in your lap. He is great at road trips, rides quietly in his crate, and is not shy to take care of his business at a road stop. He is crate trained, appreciates a treat when entering his house, and sometimes puts himself in his crate just to see if you will give him an extra treat. He still needs positive correction with boundaries and marking in the house. His neuter is May 16. This boy is the perfect mix of a playful 2-year-old puppy, but also can lay by you on the couch for hours taking a nap with his paw on your leg.

BruePH ID: #6781
Brue is a 10 year old pug who came to PugHearts after spending 5 days in a shelter. She stayed in the loving, caring home of a volunteer in the New Orleans area awaiting transport to Houston.

Her transport was “Paws and Pilots” program. Brue and Ace (a Scottie who went to Scottie Rescue) arrived in ??Conroe on Sunday afternoon. A very special Thanks to all who made this happen.

Lil Miss Brue had her intake exam Monday . Honestly, it was better than I thought, but still not good.

The good thing:

Heartworm NEGATIVE

No parasites

No pneumonia

Does not appear to have been used for breeding

Now the not go good thing:

Collapsing trachea

Cataract right eye

Shrunken globe left eye?

Limited if any vision

Hair thinning across body with redness of skin Skin condition due to low grade allergies

Urinalysis: bladder infection with possible kidney involvement

Body condition 3/9. Which means she is thin

Her spine is bowed as if she were kept in a small kennel

Brue is eating well, and loves her fluff trough which makes it easy for her eat.

She is on medications to help with the conditions she has. PugHearts will continue to treat and monitor her progress.

BubblesPH ID: #6961
Welcome Foster Bubbles to PugHearts of Houston Pug Rescue. She had her intake this week and she is consider Hydrocephalic. Meaning she has too much Cerebral Spinal Fluid in the brain and spinal cord. This causes a multitude of neurological challenges that includes pacing around the house in circles. Here is what we know so far:

2 years old

crate trained

loves to take naps

loves to play with toys

loves to play with other pugs

BusterPH ID: #6930
Sweet as can be Mr.Buster B.

He’s about 6 years old, loves to cuddle and get loved on by everyone. Very active and trained.

BusterPH ID: #6422
Buster is a little old man pug/chihuahua mix. He’s 16ish, and was surrendered to a shelter. He’s on Rimadyl for arthritis, and is sadly heartworm positive. He’s housebroken, crate trained, or happy to sleep in a big bed too. He’s got a funny, quirky little personality and just wants a loving home to live out the rest of his days!

BusterPH ID: #7031
Full Description Coming Soon!

CalPH ID: #7024
Cal is a 2-year-old fawn male. He is heartworm negative and will be ready to adopt after his neuter. He is kennel trained and working on his house training. Cal is a playful little guy who still wants to play after the others have settled in for a nap. He loves young children and people and other dogs. He really likes to sit on your lap, but if there’s no room, he’s happy sitting on the back of the chair or even across the room on another spot. He is loving and snuggles with the other dogs. Give this little fellow a home!

CalliePH ID: #6946
Introducing Callie.

This adorable chunk was surrendered to PugHearts thru zero fault of her own. As evidenced by her photos (even they don't represent her in person fluffiness), she more closely resembles a baby walrus than a pug. We want her around a long time, so we are helping her with that. This is a 9 yr old, small frame girl... who weighs... wait for it... 28 pounds.

• Yes. She's on a diet starting TODAY.

• Goal weight 18-19.

• Treating for the now familiar skin and ear issues.

• Pending thyroid panel, in case there is a metabolic component we can also treat.

But for tonight, Callie's had a sweet ride, full vet workup, ear meds, skin meds, a snack, a second sweet ride, therapy bath, and already found an affable friend. All of this the SAME DAY she was surrendered. That's how we roll.

Callie is already displaying some alpha tendencies, with toy and food guarding. She may ultimately do better with no or one other passive mate.

Keep watch on Facebook and Instagram as we learn more about Callie, and celebrate yet another transformation to health. There's a waistline in there somewhere.

Carrie AnnPH ID: #7028
Welcome Carrie Ann to PugHearts!

She's staying temporarily with me until her foster parents can pick her up.

This is what I know about her so far.

~ 6 years old, 11 lbs.; she's small, super velcro and vocal.

~ Has hookworms and belly rash which are currently being treated.


~ She crates only for sleeping, has some separation anxiety when not able to reach her person.

~ Not currently house trained, but we're going to be working on that.

She need to be spayed.

She will need a family that is patient, understanding and very loving.

A Family that will continue to work with her once she's in her forever home.

ChancePH ID: #6978
Please welcome Chance into the PugHearts family.

Chance is a fitting name for this young owner surrender, as he will be getting a second chance at forever thanks to PugHearts. Chance is 2 years old. He has a few things going on with him, but nothing super serious.

He is Heartworm negative!!

Has an ear infection, being treated.

Has abducted elbows that don’t seem to bother him.

He walks with a sideways gait, but it’s rather cute. He doesn’t have any pain and it doesn’t seem to affect him.

He is playful with the dogs and a little shy with people, but I’m sure with a little decompression time he will come around. He will have a recheck in a couple weeks and scheduled for his neuter and nares at that time.

This little guy has a big block head and is absolutely stunning!! Don’t wait!!

ChanelPH ID: #6786
Chanel is a 5 year old tiny low rider that was an owner surrender to a local shelter. She is little, weighing about 13 pounds, with the most perfect toothy grin, and short legs. Her coat is a beautiful Sable color. Chanel, or Nelly, which is what I call her, loves being in your lap or cuddled next to you in bed. She has near perfect house manners, and has done great at house training. She gets along great with other dogs, young, old, male and female. She has some stiffness in her joints, so she currently is on a joint supplement. During her spay this week our vet will do some x-rays to see how they look. Despite her short stature, Little Nelly makes her way on and off the big bed by using the stairs. She loves toys and nylabones and getting the feel of how fun it is to play with others!

CharlesPH ID: #6999
Please welcome Foster Charles to PugHearts (toddler given name TBD, because that’s how this bulldog house rolls).

This compact, feisty Frenchie was found wandering and, despite his guardian angel’s extraordinary efforts, no owner was found. We’re taking the introductions slow because, Frenchie, but so far he’s a big fan of our bulldog brigade. More to come as we get to know each other but once he’s ready (sometime in July), he’ll be looking for a Frenchie-experienced home of his very own.

Foster Charles is approximately 4 years old and 20 lbs.

He is being treated for hookworms and ear infection; neuter scheduled for early July and nares and palate will be assessed at that time.

He will need a French bulldog experienced home.

ChatoPH ID: #6974
This face. This perfect 12 month old baby was one of six that came in from The Valley this weekend. He was literally a last minute add, surrendered to us from an owner that had bought him at a flea market.

Chato has hookworms, and after an exam Dr. Hendrix wanted X-rays to see what he thought was an old back injury since he exhibited no pain. His PCV was within normal limits, so no Ehrlichia. Yay.

Sadly Chato has heartworms…at 12 months old, so he had chest X-rays done as well. The results were shocking to all of us. Chato has Thromboembolic Disease from Heartworms. He basically threw a worm and it’s lodged in his lungs. This could’ve killed him. This is typically our main concern following immiticide treatment that can be fatal. We also suspect FCE is the cause of his back weakness, since no injury is visible on the X-rays. FCE is Fibro Cartilaginous Embolism. so when Chato ”threw a worm” into his lungs, he also had one go to his spine causing nerve damage. Dr. Hendrix has only seen it three times in his career. It was a lot of information to process on a seemingly very healthy, very young dog. Thankfully his heart looks good.

Dr. Hendrix believe Chato was in an area infested with heartworms and he was inundated with a mass amount of bites in a very short time.

He will be on doxycycline for 30 days, along with lasix and a cycle of prednisone. He will be rechecked and X-rays will be repeated in 2 weeks to make sure we’re on the right track. Chato just took his first Heartgard with his prednisone, and I’m monitoring him for 4 hours. I’m told the worst, scariest and possibly deadly part has already happened when Chato had worms dislodged from his heart into his lungs. While it’s scary, it’s also so infuriating. He’s just a baby. This was preventable. Without proper vet care Chato’s life would most certainly be short and his death, painful. We are hopeful that we can make Chato better and Heartworm free, with minimal damage to his heart and lungs.

Chato is the sweetest little boy. He loves cuddling with me every night in the big bed. He was the first of the new ones to learn his crate for mealtimes. He is never far away from me and loves being held. Once Chato is healthy enough, he will be neutered and have both his nares and soft palate repaired, then we will tackle heartworm treatment. Chato deserves a family that will spoil him and put his health first. He will make an excellent addition to any home.

Chocolate PH ID: #6958
When we say any pug...

Meet Miss Chocolate. Her owner fell on hard times and initiated contact with us several months ago. Many conversations and assurances later, owner was ready, and tearfully surrendered her very loved baby, knowing we could provide the needed care she could not.

While we have and have had many seniors over the years, we believe Chocolate to be the senior-est of them all, at 17-19 yo. Her estimated 2011 age when initially found was 8, but we feel she may be a tad younger...

Chocolate LOVES these cool mornings and scouting every single corner of the yard. She has a voracious appetite, and does not object to, but holds no interest in her pug mates. She is blind, but still hears some. She is surprisingly inquisitive and mobile. Naturally, some other age related ailments like arthritis have set in. Chocolate also has several masses we will be addressing soon, and will update her medical/adoptability status as we learn it. Chocolate is 15 pounds of confidence, hunger, curiosity, and opinions.

Chocolate's days may not be long, but will be filled with love, copious snacks, and the best veterinary care money can buy.

Meantime, follow her story on Facebook and Instagram.

ChristyPH ID: #7001
Christi is a one-year-old owner surrender through no fault of her own. She’s a squishy love bug that just wants to be with her people and is happiest chilling on the couch with you. She enjoys her playtime with my crew, and she especially loves the youngsters! She’s been really patient with the little boy in my house and doesn’t mind his rough play or attempt to nurse.

She is very food motivated, and we’re working on taking food and treats more gently. Everyone in my house eats their meals in their crates, and she’s definitely one that should continue doing so once she’s in her forever home. We’re also working on potty manners. She’s doing better, but it’s something that will need to be reinforced consistently.

She sleeps in her crate at night and could absolutely win a snoring contest! Poor girl sounds like an old man, but we’ll fix that (as best we can) when she goes in for her spay. I have to wake her up in the morning, so if you’re looking for a buddy that will let you get your beauty sleep in this is the girl for you.

Christi is heartworm negative, so once she’s been spayed, she’ll be ready for her new home. Get those apps in!

ClairPH ID: #6925
Claire is a beautiful 4 y/o Velcro fawn girl that loves humans. She is learning to socialize more with other animals but she would do better in a home with no other dogs or with a chill, low key one. Claire is potty trained, great in rides and in public, likes walks and requires moderate activity levels. Unfortunately she is HW+ so she won’t be available right away and she will also get a couple procedures done like palate, spay and dental. She may need to lose a couple pounds but since she loves carrot treats it won’t be a problem at all. Claire is the most amazing and lovely pug and worth the wait!

ClaraPH ID: #6979
If you are looking for a constant companion and lap dog, Clara is the one! She is a 1 year old Chug that loves to play and cuddle. She is the perfect combination of pug and chihuahua. She will do best if she is the only dog. She doesn’t want to share your love with any other dogs. I do not have cats, so I don’t know how she will act around them. She loves toys! She will sleep quietly in a crate or with her human. She does tend to put everything in her mouth, so the house will have to be “childproofed”. She will also go into the garbage if she can get to it. She still has to be spayed and treated for heart worms. I have only had her for 2 weeks, so this is just my initial observation. Look for updates. In the meantime, I will enjoy her cuteness until she is ready for adoption!

Cora BellePH ID: #5975
Hi everyone, I’m Cora Belle. I am around 6 years old or so. I'm a little lady. I am very cute, sweet and special. Yep, fell on my head and it causes me to tumble like a cheerleader, but I just get up and keep going. Hardwood and tile floors are hard for me and I look like I’m trying to learn to ice skate and fall a lot. Foster mom has rugs for me to walk to that help me. Don’t worry, it is just a little thing and meds aren’t needed except for the prevention ones. You should see me run the fence when I’m protecting the yard. I’m looking for a forever family that doesn’t mind a girl who stumbles. I love hugs and will be yours forever.


DannyPH ID: #7004
Picked up this little cutie today.

Meet Foster Danny. He is the tiniest pug I have ever seen. He is 1 year old and is weighing 11 pounds.

There is so much cuteness wrapped in this tiny little body… I just can’t stand it. He is looking for his forever home! If you’re wanting a pug, he’s a perfect find.

DarbyPH ID: #5993
This is bonded pair Darby and Drake. Originally they came into our rescue two years ago and were adopted. They were surrendered back to us recently thru no fault of their own. Volunteers flew to retrieve these babies to get them back to us!

Now they are two years older (10 and 11 yrs old) and Drake has medical issues (collapsing trachea and on meds for life and poop urgency, Darby is healthy).

Now the good stuff! They love their humans and follow us everywhere and will give you their love to the point they will trip you and break your hip from being under foot. They are house trained, but need to be taken out for their potty breaks on a regular basis. They are really cute! They eat everything, even their vegetables. Darby can be alpha at times but easily correctable and she loves chew toys, will collect them in her crate. Drake had the most endearing face, I call him Eeyore. There is a special family out there that may want this pair and that is my hope for them. Until that time, I will love on them, play with them, clean up after them, correct alpha behavior, bask in their adorableness and give them the very best home possible.

DarrenPH ID: #6980
Darren is a very active and happy 3 year old male. He is heartworm positive, so will need to go through treatment prior to adoption.

This boy LOVES to run and play. He plays well with other dogs and rests in his kennel at night.

DelilahPH ID: #6977
Foster Delilah is an active 2-year-old owner surrender, and she’s settling in nicely with my crew. She was a little skittish her first night and had no interest in being touched, but that didn’t last very long. She comes to me when called and waits patiently while I get her dressed for the day. She’s doing really well with her potty manners, and she sleeps like a champ in her crate at night – as long as she stays in it! Her first night, we discovered she’s an escape artist, so we have to use a carabiner to prevent surprise visits. Once she realized we added an extra layer of security, she stopped trying to escape, but we still use it just in case.

She doesn’t seem to have any alpha tendencies and has no problem allowing my alpha girl to be in charge. As long as she has someone to play with (kids, cats, dogs), she’s happy!

Delilah is scheduled for her spay, nares and palate surgery the first week of June, and once her stitches are removed, she’ll be ready to join her new family. Her anticipated availability date is the end of June.

This girl will go fast, so get those apps in!

DelilahPH ID: #6912
Meet PugHearts Delilah. She came to Pughearts after she was found laying in a ditch on side of a road and brought to a shelter. PugHearts was called to pick her up from the shelter. She is in poor condition.

At 13 years old, this poor girl is a mess:

1. Severe heartworms

2 Severe spinal issues (spondylosis and a few collapsed disk spaces)

3. Hip arthritis

4. A giant mammary mass. removed and found to me fibrosarcoma

5. Lots of possible mast cell tumors

6. A papilloma (wart) on her vulva

7. A firm mass on her rt carpus that might be a peripheral nerve sheath


8. Mineralized stuff in her kidneys that might be age related changes or

kidney stones

Sweet Delilah has a long road ahead of her.

If you can please donate to her medical care. She thanks you.

DrakePH ID: #5994
This is bonded pair Darby and Drake. Originally they came into our rescue two years ago and were adopted. They were surrendered back to us recently thru no fault of their own. Volunteers flew to retrieve these babies to get them back to us!

Now they are two years older (10 and 11 yrs old) and Drake has medical issues (collapsing trachea and on meds for life and poop urgency, Darby is healthy).

Now the good stuff! They love their humans and follow us everywhere and will give you their love to the point they will trip you and break your hip from being under foot. They are house trained, but need to be taken out for their potty breaks on a regular basis. They are really cute! They eat everything, even their vegetables. Darby can be alpha at times but easily correctable and she loves chew toys, will collect them in her crate. Drake had the most endearing face, I call him Eeyore. There is a special family out there that may want this pair and that is my hope for them. Until that time, I will love on them, play with them, clean up after them, correct alpha behavior, bask in their adorableness and give them the very best home possible.

EddiePH ID: #6948
Eddie made his way to PugHearts after we assume poor Eddie had an unfortunate run in with a car. A Good Samaritan woke up to find Eddie laying in her front yard. He couldn’t walk and was in tremendous pain. She knew Eddie needed help, so she called PugHearts and our transporters immediately rushed Eddie to our Emergency Hospital. He screamed when touched, wasn’t interested in food or water, and was laying on a bloody towel. Eddie spent the weekend in the hospital, and was transferred to the surgical team on Monday morning. His problems include Bilateral Sacroiliac Luxation, Right Iliac Body Fracture, Right Sacral Fracture and Multiple Pubic and Ischial Fractures. Eddie had his first surgery on that Monday after was admitted to attempt to repair his pelvis. The surgery lasted too long to repair both sides, so Eddie had his second surgery on Wednesday. He was able to go to his foster home on Friday with strict instructions and a long list of medicines, including a Fentanyl Patch, Gabapentin, Carprofen, Enrofloxacin, Trazadone, Metronidazole and Clavamox. He does Rehab/Physical Therapy daily in his foster home, working on balance, Movement, shifting weight, and using all 4 legs. His three week appointment showed that all the plates and pins were in place and holding, but not callus had formed yet. He will go back at his six week appointment for additional X-rays, and hopefully sometime after that Eddie will be able to join his foster siblings. We are expecting a third surgery will be needed in the future to repair the hip joint called an FHO, or Femoral Head Ostectomy. Eddie is two years old and a total puppy. He loves getting new toys in his special room, and will bury his bones in his blankets when he’s finished chewing on them. He talks to me at dinner time, and does well using the puddle pad in his room. Eddie recently had his vaccines and got his microchip. We are happy to report Eddie is Heartworm negative! It will be a long journey but we expect Eddie to be a near normal pug soon, and ready for his forever home!

EdgarPH ID: #6711
Edgar is an active 3-year-old Fawn Male. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. (His owner was not allowed to take him to the college dorm.) He came to PugHearts with an injury to his eye. Unfortunately, the eye had to be removed shortly after intake. He will need to be neutered along with other possible procedures to help his breathing but then can be adopted, around Labor Day!

Edgar is house trained and working on kennel training. He wants to play with his foster brother, but cannot play until his eye is healed. I think he will be a rough and tumble playmate for a doggie friend and/or human friend. Come meet this fellow at the PugHearts events and watch for updates on the Facebook Page.

EliPH ID: #6884
Introducing foster Eli. He is 6 years old. Eli is a wonderful snuggle pug. He loves to be with his people. He loves to run in the backyard and follow you around. His most favorite thing is to sit in your lap or beside you.

When he first came to PugHearts, he was not too sure about getting to stay in the house, or what to do. It didn't take him long to become very comfortable being a spoiled boy. Eli also had trouble staying on his feet and would fall frequently, but now he doesn't fall at all, and runs and plays in the yard at potty and play time.

Eli has blossomed so much with the addition of Rimadyl once a day, it has made a remarkable difference. Eli also eats prescription SO food for bladder Crystals.

Eli has a completely collapsed disk at L1/L2 with marked spondylosis and presumed severe spinal compression. The spinal compression is causing the muscle atrophy and weakness in his rear legs. There is no pain.

He was kept outside and used for breeding before coming to PugHearts.

Eli sadly has heartworms. He will be ready for adoption once he has completed his heartworm treatment.

Will this sweet, wonderful boy be yours?

ElliottPH ID: #7011
Full Description Coming Soon!

EmmilenePH ID: #6671
Emmilene traveled to Houston from the Rio Grande Valley. Her owner was taken to a hospital and we were told that he would not be returning. Through no fault of her own she found herself homeless. She was running loose in the neighborhood and was relying on neighbors to feed her. Emmilene is obese weighing in at over 25 lbs. She has been put on prescription kibble that will help with weight loss and is not being given people food. She came to us with ear infections, a bladder infection, dermatitis, URI and dental disease….a mess! All of this is being addressed, and she is on antibiotics and steroids. She more than likely has arthritis which is not being helped by being overweight. She is already feeling better and moving around more. At times she is incontinent and does not appear to be totally potty trained, but we are working on that. She is estimated to be 9 years old. She is very sweet and enjoys the occasional lap time along with belly rubs. Right now she sleeps a lot and prefers the floor to a dog bed. She sleeps crated at night and does not make a peep. Emmilene doesn’t pay attention to the resident dogs. I’ve yet to see her play with a toy. She isn’t asking for much. A home that will offer her love, affection, healthy food and a place to sleep is all she needs.


There have been a lot of positive changes for Emmilene over the months. Her ear infections have cleared up. We flush her ears once a week. She has lost 6 lbs. and weighs a little over 19 lbs. She can breathe easier and gets around so much better. She actually asks to get in our laps now. At dinner time she barks for her food and sometimes runs around acting silly. She occasionally plays with stuffy toys. She is a much happier girl now. She never pees in the house but does poop a few nuggets that are easy to pick up. Hey, nobody’s perfect! Won’t you consider meeting this senior girl? She may just steal your heart.

EnzoPH ID: #6917
Enzo comes to PugHearts after a concerned neighbor called to tell us a pug had been abandoned in the backyard when his owners moved. When our volunteer arrived we realized it wasn’t just an abandoned pug, it was an abandoned pug puppy. Enzo is 6 months old. We suspect he might be mixed with something due to his longer snout, but everything else is completely pug. The longer nose will make Texas summers a breeze! Enzo is a tiny, happy and very well mannered boy. He loves playing with his foster siblings and sleeps every night quietly in his room. Enzo hasn’t had an accident since being in his foster home and learned the doggy door almost immediately. He is a perfect gentleman to the resident cat as well. Besides needing to finish his boosters and be neutered, Enzo is perfectly healthy. He is looking for a forever home that has time, patience and an activity level that would suit a 6 month old puppy.

ErickPH ID: #6997
Full Description Coming Soon!

FernPH ID: #6921
Fern is a 4 year old female. She comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. Her eye has sustained severe trauma and will be removed. She is, sadly, heartworm positive and will have to go through the full heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

Through all that Fern has endured, she is happy and adores people.

Flana JubileePH ID: #6749
Flana is a sweet 8 year old fawn female. She was an owner surrender due to a change in family circumstances. She is housetrained, and crates well. She's great with other dogs (cats and children unknown). She loves people and, if she's not in the middle of a nap, will happily follow you around the house. Her likes include mealtime, frequent naps and sunning her belly outside for a little while every day. Dislikes include getting her face cleaned and when dinner is late. Flana is looking for a quiet retirement with lots of love.

FlintPH ID: #7012
Full Description Coming Soon!

Fortune CookiePH ID: #6660
Fortune Cookie was born into PugHearts April 29, 2021 as one of 5 surviving littermates all named after cookies.

Like most cookie jars, the puppy pen soon emptied, and the whole adorable cookie litter quickly found homes. Fortune Cookie, whose name got shortened to Cookie, was among the adopted. But she was only about 7 months old when her adoptive dad became critically ill and was hospitalized. Leaving her crated for long periods of time was not fair to her so her adoptive mom boarded Cookie in a home setting where she could play, socialize and learn appropriate house manners. She boarded there for months until her her loving family realized their home was never going to return to a situation that was good for an active puppy and reached out to PugHearts to find a permanent rehome.

So that is how rescue ended up with a rare puppy indeed. One we've known continuously in the year since her birth: healthy, spayed and up to date on vaccines.

She is an active, playful youngster who needs one or more playmates, supervision with toys and appropriate chewies. Virtually all dogs love her. She has regular zoomies, plays epic games of wrestle and bitey face, and likes to keep her human visible and sleeps in the big bed. She is housebroken and potties outside when kept on a schedule and accompanied by her human. She does not crate well; she seems to think crate pads and dog beds are places to potty, but has not had an accident in 3 weeks while in foster care and living with her foster mom in 3 different homes. I think she's got it.

FrankPH ID: #6973
Frank4 is a handsome intact 1 yr old that found his way to Pughearts from a shelter. Here is what we know…he weighs 18lbs, is heartworm negative and has bilateral luxating patellas. He will have his neuter soon.

He is a super sweet boy, that loves to run in the yard with his foster siblings (especially with the girls).

He has made himself right at home and gets along well with the other dogs…young and old.

GeorginaPH ID: #6878
Georgina is a beautiful 10 year old lady. She likes her independence but will come seek out snuggles. Every time she sees me that tail starts wagging. Her speed is slow and steady. Absolutely does not have an aggressive bone in her body. She has a soft black coat. Right now, she is being treated for skin issues and ear infection. Once those are cleared up, she will be ready for her spay appointment.

GertrudePH ID: #6916
Hello Everybody!! PH Gertrude, Gertie for short here. Thought I’d formally introduce myself. First things first, I know this is a pug rescue and all, but I don’t think I’m a pug. I’m more of a Boston kinda gal, but I may have some pug on my family tree somewhere. Nonetheless, I’m very thankful y’all took me in! I found myself out on the streets, and am glad someone picked me up because I haven’t been eating much lately. I am 10 years old, have some skin issues we’re taking care of, but other than that I’m healthy. I just need to put on a few pounds! I’m housebroken but I’m not a fan of a crate. I’d prefer to lounge on a dog bed, back of a couch, or snuggle with you in the big bed! I don’t mind cats at all, and dogs are fine too. I know I’m a senior lady, but I’ve got a whole lot of life & love to give!

GrampsPH ID: #6844
Gramps here, I’m 12 years old. I walk a little wonky, but I get around well. I can see and hear. I love to sit with you and snuggle.

I do well with other dogs and cats and with kids. FoMo says I am just a love pug. I am looking for my forever home. Will you be my forever family?

GraysonPH ID: #6397
I first found out about Grayson from a cryptic message at the end of October. All it said was that there is an extremely sick Frenchie in a shelter scheduled for euthanasia today that we were trying to pull him out and whether I would foster to which I said of course. It was exactly 3 days later when I got a call from the director of the rescue. Grayson made it to our vet and his evaluation was not good. He had a left sided failure caused by a genetic heart issue complicated by heartworms, a completely preventable condition, and he was given a week to live. I felt like I couldn’t breathe but I also knew this dog needed to come here.

I didn’t sleep that night. I felt like there had to be more I could do for this dog and then it hit me – Grayson is dying and he never got to experience anything! clearly, we will do a bucket list for him. We took him to the beach where he tried to chase the seagulls even though he could barely walk, to a ranch where he got kissed by a wild pony, on a convertible ride to get a puppachino, we cooked him steak, he met and peed on a giant tortoise, had a professional photoshoot and visited Bayou Bend Gardens. Before we knew it, a week turned into two, then three and before we knew it he had people overseas reaching out about his story. People were asking about heartworms and he was making a difference.

Just as we began hoping Grayson may celebrate New Year with us, an upper respiratory infection hit him with an incredible strength. For two weeks we fought as hard as we could for him hoping his appetite would pick back up knowing well this may be it. Grayson came to us beyond starved and he could barely pick up his tummy filled with fluid caused by his heart failure – if he ever got to the point where he couldn’t walk, we knew it would be unfair to keep it going. And then he finally had a good day, and one after that, he got excited about meal times and I felt like I could breathe again.

As of today, Grayson got to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas both, he celebrated Mother's and Father's day, he has met endless friends and lived a life he should have had from the start. None of this changes the fact that his condition is terminal. When his symptoms become severe enough and he can no longer enjoy his life, we will be there to hold him as he crosses over. But it will not be today.

This is a story of a rescue taking in a dog that will never make it out. A dog that never stood a chance but a dog whose life has been turned around because the rescue stepped in. His story could have ended in that shelter but it did not.

Living with Grayson for the past 2 months has taught us more than I would have ever thought a dog could. Grayson was abused and he will pay the ultimate price yet he is not bitter at all, the opposite in fact. He loves people and wants to be loved on all day long. He has learned his new name within days and runs to us as fast as his body allows him to. Having him here has made us to cherish every single day because we are not promised tomorrow. He taught us to let go of our baggage and live in the now.

Your donations help not only dogs getting ready for adoptions but also dogs like Grayson, dogs that will live out the rest of their days in rescue. We thank you for your support.


GusPH ID: #6879
Gus is a 12 years young pug. He is extremely sweet and up for playing with toys. He will follow his humans around to make sure they are okay. Everyone is his friend, humans and dogs alike. He has a very go-with-the-flow attitude, no barking or growling for this pug. He came to us neutered. He is being treated for some skin issues, ear infection, and will need to have some dental work completed.

GusPH ID: #6976
Meet Gus!!!!

14 months old

already neutered


playful, energetic

likes toys

won't last long

would do great with kids and other playful dogs

HillaryPH ID: #6970
Hillary, is 7 months old and adorable!!

She comes to PugHearts as an owner surrender thru no fault of her own.

This girl is awesome. Healthy and playful and full of spunk. Hillary will be ready for adoption around the 1st of July.

Adoption Pending

HomerPH ID: #6797
Homer is a sweet, gentle older man that comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande Valley. He is neutered and has obviously been in a home before.

Sadly, he has a large mast cell tumor on his back. We know it will need to be surgically removed.

Homer is now hospice due to metastatic mast cell cancer in his abdomen.

HoneyPH ID: #6840
Foster Honey is a sweet girl who loves to be by your side at all times. She is a tiny girl that came to PugHearts weighing only 10 pounds. After a few weeks with PugHearts, she has topped 12 lbs. Honey gets along well with cats and other dogs. She loves walks and does well on a leash.

Honey will be spayed soon and will then be ready for her furever home. Her approximate age is 11 but she has a lot of energy and little gray hair. She does very well with small children and loves to snuggle.

IslaPH ID: #6782
This funny 5-year-old sweetheart was found on the streets of south Texas, close to the border. A good Samaritan took her to a shelter and she ended up with PugHearts.

She was in rough shape, but PugHearts’ veterinarians and volunteers worked hard to resolve all her issues, including putting her through treatment for heartworms. Most importantly, they found that she is allergic to just about everything (more about that below).

She has outstanding on-leash potty behaviors—three short walks a day is all she needs. Between this and her allergies to grass, she does not need free access to a yard. In fact, she would probably do best in an apartment, condo, or townhouse with limited exposure to grass.

Her remaining allergies can be well managed through a special diet and some basic care. Her diet today consists of a combination of prescription dog food and some whole food (eggs and apple).

Isla is a happy pug who LOVES to snuggle, play with toys, and love her person. She will sleep in a crate at night, but her #1 choice would be to be with her person.

KayliePH ID: #6944
Meet my newest foster Kaylie. She has been settling in the last day & a half. She is shy at first and learning who she can trust. This poor baby is estimated to be about 4 years old, used for breeding & then discarded. She has figured out she can trust me & wants to be close and is starting to wag her tail and be happy. This beautiful gal with be spayed soon and looking for a wonderful home where she can be spoiled and loved.

KokiPH ID: #7025
Full Description Coming Soon!

KylePH ID: #7026
Kyle is a 2-year-old fawn male. He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own. Kyle came from a home with 3 pugs and was given regular vet care thus is heart worm negative and already neutered. He is kennel trained and working on his house training. He is a handsome, solid fellow but is not overweight. Kyle was very scared when he first arrived at PugHearts but has become comfortable within a couple of days. He gets along with other dogs and seems good with children. He likes to sit near his human friends when he's not playing with the other dogs in the home. Please consider giving this boy the love and stability he deserves.

LandryPH ID: #6689
Landry is a handsome, sweet older gentleman that comes to us from a shelter. As most older pugs, he has some health issues. He has a weak back end that causes him to drag his back legs a bit when he walks, but don't let this fool you, he gets around quickly. He will require daily medicine for his legs and daily eyedrops. He is on medical hold until mid-August when he will be neutered and have soft palate surgery.

Landry LOVES to be with his people and will become your shadow. When not right by your side or at your feet, he will hang in his crate and sleeps in the crate at night. He gets along well with other dogs, but isn't looking for a playmate. Pulling his dog bed around the room is his favorite toy.

LilaPH ID: #5183
Lila is a 4 yr old female that comes to PugHearts after being found wandering all alone.

She appears to have some problems with her back legs and is being monitored by the vet. Lila is, happily, heartworm negative.

From Lila's foster: Meet Lila - our gorgeous Lila!! She is a very happy, healthy 4yr old that loves to play and cuddle and run - everywhere she goes!!

Lila is a special needs pug that has some neurological issues with her back legs. We are not sure if this is due to an injury or birth - be please do not let this deter you from adopting her!! She does not let this slow her down one bit!! The biggest issue is elimations, as she is not always aware of pooping. Lila does squat to urinate, but then hops about 3ft while going. If she is leashed and you hold her, she will finish then move on. She will also stand up when asked!

This sweet girl is a treasure and we are hoping that someone will give her a chance at a family - she deserves her own family and loves with her whole heart!!

LindaPH ID: #6994
Let me introduce you to the sweetest little lady - Linda! She comes to PugHearts as an owner surrender and she is learning, at the age of 8, to live her best life! This tiny Lady Pug wants nothing but to love on you! She can't climb stairs, but she can climb into your heart! Best of all, she is heartworm negative, so get your application in now!

Now that Little Lady Linda has been with us for a week, I wanted to share what we've learned about her!

1. Velcro. She loves to be stuck to a human as much as possible. She is afraid of stairs, so if she's left alone downstairs even for a moment, she starts barking until her human returns or carries her upstairs

2. She's tiny! Pictures do not do justice to how cute and tiny this little girl is. 16 pounds!

3. She does very well in her crate. She sleeps there at night and doesn't fuss about going in there or being in there all night.

4. She hasn't peed in the house once, but she did poop in Mona Mae's food bowl once...I don't know how to unpack that one.

5. Linda is one happy girl! It took a couple days for her to come out of her shell, but she is sooo happy and just wants to be loved! She will collapse to the floor and start to roll over when you go to pet her.

LorrainePH ID: #7022
I’m so glad PugHearts got Lorraine & we can start her healing process. This little gal is estimated to be 3 years old and has terrible wound around her neck. I don’t know if this was a collar that was too tight, was she tied out all the time or did they try to hang her but it’s awful what she must of had to endure & I just want to cry for her whatever happened, she now had a spine injury that gives her a funny gait and as she walks her feet slide a bit more as she moves around.

It’s understandable she is a little reserved but she is coming to us for attention. She enjoys being pet and sitting on my lap. Life for her started out pretty rough but I can promise we will do everything here on forward to give her the best life & lots of happiness!

Welcome Lorraine, you will be spoiled with lots of love

LucasPH ID: #6984
Lucas is 2 years old and his personality shows his age! He is playful, silly, energetic, and wants lots of attention. He would do great with other playful pets in the home and he would be a fun companion for kids. I picture him also being a great partner at local pet friendly establishments, going on hikes, or at the dog park. Lucas also does great in the car and is quiet in his crate at night. He is already neutered, but is heartworm positive. He will receive treatment before being adopted. If you're looking for a pug with lots of personality and energy, Lucas is the perfect choice.

LuckyPH ID: #6967
Get your application in for this sweet two year old boy!

Foster Lucky loves to play and….lick! Your feet and arms are not safe and neither are the ears of other dogs in your home.

He is working on potty training and some

House manners, sleeps well in a kennel, loves toys and never met food he didn’t like. He gets along great with kids and multiple dogs. He does love to cuddle when he runs out of energy.

Lucky is heartworm positive so he will be with us for a few months.

You don’t have to wait until he is through heartworm treatment to fall in love with him and put in your application. Lucky would love to know that he has a family waiting for him.

LuellaPH ID: #7000
Foster Luella is a fawn female about five years old. Despite coming from an unfortunate breeding background, she has an excellent disposition. She's happy, wiggly, and loves to play. She's crate trained, working on mastering house training, and amazing with kids.

While she does well with most dogs, she would best be in a home with either no other dogs or dogs that don't mind being bossed around by her sassy self.

She still has spay and heartworm treatment to go through but she will go quick once she's done. Get your application in now for this fun girl!

LuluPH ID: #6855
LuLu made her way to PugHearts after a rescue in Mexico asked for our help. As you can see, LuLu is not a pug. She is however the cutest French Bulldog around. She has adjusted to life in Houston as a foster with PugHearts. She doesn’t mind other dogs, but hasn’t actually started playing yet. She will however snuggle next to her siblings on the dog bed for a nap. She loves chewing on hooves, nylabones and any other chew toy. House training is still a work in progress and she isn’t a fan of going outside first thing in the morning. She came to PugHearts with a nasty ear infection, but meds have taken care of that. She does have some vision issues due to dry eye, but her vet believes her eye sight will improve with daily dry eye drops. She loves her foster mommy and freely gives out kisses. It is obvious that LuLu has had multiple litters but she did come to PugHearts already spayed. She will have her nares and palate done prior to adoption.

LutherPH ID: #7016
PugHearts please say hello to this little pint size boy Luther. Luther comes to us from the streets on Mexico.

You may see a cute picture of a happy boy, but what you can’t see is the hundreds of dead ticks that are still attached to his skin. We have pulled a ton off during his bath, but there are still so many. Luther is only 18 months old and has been through a rough start. His fur is rough and dry. He is very thin and bony. We will get him feeling good again and hope to have a family waiting for him very soon. He will be neutered July 15th.

Luther was brought here last week and went straight to the clinic. Surprisingly he is heartworm negative and tested negative for Ehrlichia, which is a tick born illness that causes anemia. Since he showed some symptoms we are treating him with doxycycline to be safe.

MadelinePH ID: #6868
Madeline is a four year old that was surrendered to PugHearts from a local backyard breeder with 3 other pugs. Poor Madeline’s little body has been used and abused during her short life as a full time breeder. She has weakness and stiffness in her legs and hips from constantly having babies and being stuck in a small confined area. She has mammary masses that are so bad a mastectomy is still not out of the question. Her skin is patchy and yeasty, and her eyes were so dry and her ears were infected when she first was surrendered. Despite all of this, Madeline is a beautiful tiny girl with a feisty personality. Since she’s been with PugHearts, Madeline has been spayed which has helped her mammary masses shrink dramatically. Her eyes are shiny and clear, and will require daily drops for life. She is taking on the roll of being a spoiled pug with ease. She sleeps every night in the big bed with her head on a pillow, and she enjoys playing dress up in dresses, sweaters and jackets that are just for her. Surprisingly house training has been a breeze. Madeline gets to freely roam the house, even when I’m not there, and will use the puddle pad when needed. Even though she moves pretty stiff, she has mastered the stairs to get both on and off the bed, and will cry to get off the couch instead of trying to jump. She is super tiny and super sweet, and has zero issues telling the others what she thinks. She plays with toys and loves cuddling up with her foster siblings. Madeline deserves the world and she will make any family very happy.

Maggie PH ID: #6421
Meet Maggie! As you can see, Maggie is nit a pug, but thankfully PugHearts was willing to help her out when they saw her pug mix brother at the shelter. Maggie is a chihuahua & Pomeranian mix. She is 15 years old, but she apparently doesn’t know this! She’s feisty and has a lot of spirit left in her tiny little self! She’s on Rimadyl to help with some arthritis, and sadly, she’s heartworm positive. She is perfectly housebroken and is happy to sleep in a crate or with her people. She is looking for a family to love her during her final years!

MarioPH ID: #7021
Mario is an 8-month-old fawn male. He is a tiny little guy with a huge personality. Mario loves to be held and carried around and at 12 pounds, it’s easy to do! He attaches quickly to his person and will need to learn to share if there is another dog in the home. (He is currently in a home with 2 resident dogs and 2 other fosters. As long as you don’t let him win when he tries to run the others off your lap, he does well.) Mario will pick up a toy and throw it in the air and play by himself or he will play keep away with the other dogs and/or people. He also likes to wrestle with the other guys; he doesn’t know how little he is! He is crate trained and working on his house training. Mario came to PugHearts heartworm Negative, so he will be able to go to his new family soon after his neuter! Consider giving this youngster a place in your home!

MauryPH ID: #6965
Maury made his way to PugHearts as an owner surrender in The Valley due to health concerns. Our volunteers there said he could barely take a few steps without having trouble breathing and coughing. Once in Houston Maury made his way to our vet in Sugar Land where a complete exam and X-rays were performed. The X-rays confirmed that Maury has a bad trachea. In fact, Maury has a collapse of the entire thoracic trachea and a complete collapse of the Main Stem Bronchi. Thankfully Maury is heartworm negative. We estimate Maury to be 10 years old, and quite overweight at 29 pounds, with only about 3 teeth left in his mouth. He is currently being considered as a Quality of Life Foster, while we try to medically manage his breathing and coughing with a cocktail of meds. Maury is currently on Hycodan, Gabapentin, Prednisone and Benadryl twice daily. So far Maury is doing great. He is happy. He can relax, and his coughing has lessened. While we know that we can’t cure Maury’s trachea problems, our goal is to make him comfortable and happy for whatever time he has left. In his foster home Maury has mad many friends. He loves running around the yard and playing with his foster siblings. He sleeps in the big bed every night and hardly coughs at all to wake anyone up. He is on a diet that consists of Low Fat canned food, and despite being a messy eater, Maury seems to enjoy his new diet. We are hopeful that losing a few pounds will help his breathing as well. It’s been a joy to see Maury smile and play, and I look forward to seeing even more important while we work on his health.

MercedesPH ID: #5626
Mercedes comes to PugHearts from a Texas shelter. She had been suspected of being hit by a car....but as it turns out, she has some significant hip and spinal issues that are not new.

This 6 year old little cutie still runs with the grumble and LOVES life.


MiraclePH ID: #6934
Miracles happen with Pughearts. On Wednesday, a transport team brought 5 orphaned piglets from the valley all the way to Corpus Christi, on an emergency run, to hook up with a lactating pug who was rescued with no puppies. Sadly, they died en route or shortly thereafter...or so I thought. Introducing Miracle. I am a nurse. I thought she had died. I cried. Then, I saw movement. This girl, against ALL ODDS, has somehow survived and is fighting to survive. Yes, her name is Miracle. While she was too weak to suckle at first, she is syringe fed and trying to live up to her name of Miracle. 3 hour feeds for me are a small sacrifice. Not out of the woods, but let's all pray she defies the enormous odds and lives up to her name....MIRACLE

MitziPH ID: #6983
Mitzi is a 5 year old sweet girl we are guessing to be an English Bulldog / Boston Terrier mix at healthy 35 lbs.

Mitzi is in what I call the sweet spot when it comes to age - very playful if invited to play, but calm if not and absolutely ready to binge some Netflix with you. She has settled into our routine beautifully and uses the doggy door to take herself outside without fail. She loves any and all toys and is a tug of war champion. Despite being on the larger side (sorry Mitzi), she is extremely gentle and plays well even with the 10lb puppy we have, in fact, she lets her run the show. We think she just may be the gentlest soul that we have ever fostered.

She is spayed and heartworm negative but unfortunately has some of the worst allergies we have ever seen. Notice all that pink around her eyes and the horrid pyoderma on her feet. She is allergic to everything except potatoes but we think her system overall is overreacting and once we get it to calm down, some of the allergies will fall off the list. Mitzi was treated with steroids and antibiotics for the acute skin condition and we are giving it a month before we retest her and move to desensitization therapy. This has worked wonders for some other dogs in our care so hoping for a similar outcome for precious Mitzi.

MollyPH ID: #6982
Full Description Coming Soon!

MurrayPH ID: #6694
Murray is a winky as he is missing his left eye. He has IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). Murray also has a healed vertebral fracture, Spondylosis and hip dysplasia. That being said, Murray has no idea that he should experience limitations with his activity. He can and does do anything he wants. He is on Rimadyl for pain and will remain on it throughout his life. He is a sweet, loving cuddle bug.

Although Murray has his physical challenges they don’t stop him from doing anything he wants to. He has been neutered and had his nares and soft palate done and is good to go. He sleeps either on the couch or in a crate in the bedroom. He uses doggie stairs well. He loves treats and to play with toys. He can be food aggressive so I either crate him or put him in another room to eat. He is 90% potty trained. He is sweet and likes to be loved on.

NathanPH ID: #7009
Where to start with this underfed and under-loved tiny gent...

Nathan is 11 pounds of fawn stray from the Rio Grande Valley. He came to us way too thin, unaltered, and already blind with badly damaged eyes. Today Nathan will become a double winky, and gain much comfort as his eyes are surgically removed. He also will need his neuter and dental, as several teeth are already mobile and his breath not so fresh. In just 6 years on earth, this poor guy endured horrors we can only imagine; pain and hunger among them. Remarkably though, he is heart worm negative, making him adoptable roughly August, provided his surgeries and recoveries go as planned.

Do not be offput by Nathan, or any of our blind candidates. They are as happy and full of humor and love as any sighted dog. They do take cues from other dogs, so benefit from having at least one sidekick. But for now, Follow Nathan's transformation on Facebook and Instagram as we get to know him better. I expect GREATNESS. Nate the Great.

NebulaPH ID: #6945
Nebula made her way to PugHearts as an owner surrender after bouncing around several homes. She is only 8 months old, and as you can imagine, was a little timid at first. Nebula is tiny, at only 9 pounds and more than likely fully grown. She is precious and so unique, with one ear that stands up and a nubby little tail. Our best guess is that Nebula is a mix between a pug, chihuahua and Boston Terrier. Whatever she is, Nebula is the cutest dog you’ll ever see. She loves playing with toys, even if they’re bigger than her and she absolutely loves her foster siblings. They run the yard, play tug of war and cuddle constantly. She is mostly house trained but will use the puddle pad when needed. Nebula is crate trained and loves piling on the dog bed. She sleeps in the big bed at night and I love getting all the little kisses from her at bedtime. She prefers sleeping on the pillow closest to my head. Don’t pass Nebula up because she’s not pull pug. She is full sweetness and deserves the perfect home of her home. Nebula is 6 months old, healthy and will be spayed prior to adoption.

NillaPH ID: #6905

Nilla turned 5 in May, and is the perfect combo of spunky and sweet. She came to PugHearts after being surrendered with a horrific eye injury that was unfortunately too far gone to save. She smelled of motor oil and her harness looked like a rag used in a dirty garage. Nilla has transitioned into being an inside dog, no longer having to fight the others to survive. I say this because when she initially arrived at my house I mistook her survival skills for being ALPHA, but that is so far from the truth. She’s the sweetest little thing, and at 16 pounds, she’s the perfect size. Nilla is allowed to free roam in the house when I leave, but is crate trained and goes in it willingly to get ready for mealtimes. That’s when she makes sure I move fast enough…and if I don’t, she yells at me! Yes, Nilla can be quite the talker but it’s so cute!

Nilla is so playful! She adores her foster brothers and I am sure those feelings are mutual. Her cute little wiggle and those perky ears make for the cutest thing when she’s initiating play. Nilla is a behind the leg sleeper and makes sure her head is somehow on me or touching me all night. She does well with other dogs, and is a usual participant in my infamous puggy piles!

Nilla is med free and ready to go. Nilla loves children, cuddles and being outside. She would do great in any home.

NolanPH ID: #7002
Full Description Coming Soon!

OakleyPH ID: #7010
Introducing Foster Oakley! This sweet 2 year pug mix is the perfect balance of playful energy and snuggle time in your lap. His house manners are impeccable and he crates well. He will be ready to adopt after his neuter next month.

OksanaPH ID: #6911
Oksana made her way to PugHearts from a local shelter after bouncing around from several homes and obviously being neglected for quite some time. She was limping, exhausted and had several nails growing into her pads. Oksana is also battling a kidney infection as well as a skin infection. Thankfully she is heartworm negative. Oksana is no longer limping and has had quite a time chasing the puppies around the house. She appears to be house trained and loves sleeping in her favorite chair in her foster home. During her intake exam her eye pressure was tested and it was determined that she does have glaucoma. We are still discussing a treatment plan that will either include meds or a possible enucleation, but at this time she doesn’t appear to be in any pain at all. Oksana is already spayed, but will need to complete her boosters. She has done well with the other dogs here and is still finding her place in the pack. She loves feeling the sun on her face and barking at the dogs on the other side of the fence. Oksana was named after the most beautiful Ukrainian Ice Skater and Olympic Champion, Oksana Baiul. She has learned her name quickly and will answer to Oxy for short. We believe Oksana to be about 10 years old and she weighs 24 pounds. She is the sweetest thing ever and is oh so beautiful.

OpheliaPH ID: #5085
Ophelia comes to PugHearts from the Rio Grande valley.

She is a 4 year old fawn female. She is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment prior to adoption.

From Ophelia's foster: Ophelia is a Velcro pug, very energetic and happy. She loves toys, Nyla bones and plush toys, but unfortunately she has mega esophagus which can be irritated by over enthusiastic play or stress. She loves tummy and chest rubs and she will let you know if you have not fulfilled her pet/scratch quota by pawing at your hand. She gives kisses and is very excited most of the time. Which has been alittle worrisome during her heart worm treatment. The mega esophagus is manageable with elevated food and rest 20-30 mins after feeding. Ophelia is a delightful little girl that adds a bright spot to everyday.

Medical hold and then pending adoption with his foster Mom.

OscarPH ID: #6688
Oscar is a precious older gentleman that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter.

He, like most neglected older pugs, has a few medical issues.

He has some spinal issues and deals with a weak bad end. He retains urine and will need to be expressed several times a day to avoid continued bladder infections.

Oscar see well and will follow you room to room, as he wants to be near you. He is getting along well with the other pugs in the house.

Eating from an elevated food bowl is a little easier for him.

Don't overlook this sweet angel.


PascalPH ID: #6929
Hi my name is Pascal or Paskey as my FoMo calls me. I was found as a stray and was eating and drinking all kinds of nasty stuff so I’m getting over some bacteria issues right now and I have heartworms, boy life has not been the best so far. But it is getting better every day!

FoMo says I have to get neutered and go through hw treatment before I can be adopted but that is ok for now because I’m learning what it means to be a spoiled Pug. Everyone tells me how beautiful my smutty coat is and I’ve got excellent leash manners, ride in the car like a champ and I’m an expert cuddler, although I can easily entertain myself with my blanket and nylabone while my people are at work. I’ve got 2 foster brothers who really aren’t sure of me yet, but I’m a happy guy and get along with them just fine, even sleep in the big bed with them. I’m about 4 years old, and hopefully will be ready to be adopted in the next few months.

PeppaPH ID: #7032
Full Description Coming Soon!

PippinPH ID: #6877
Pippin came to PugHearts when his owner could sadly no longer care for him. Pippin is 8 years old and weighs just 15 pounds. Perfectly pocket sized! Pippin loves his people and is a very mellow fellow. He gets along well with other dogs, sleeps quietly in his crate at night and learns new tricks at lightning speed if there's a treat involved. Pippin is already neutered but has some issues with his esophagus. PugHearts awesome doctors are working to correct a hernia and esophageal defect after which he will be available for adoption. Pippin will be on Hills ID canned food for life and will have to take an antacid daily but is otherwise healthy and looking for a family to love.

PoloPH ID: #7003
Introducing Foster Polo! This very sweet boy is 3 years old and heartworm negative thankfully. He will be ready in early July after his neuter and nares and soft palate surgery as he is quite the heavy breather right now! We are still getting to know him, but already have seen that he loves kids, gets along well with other dogs and while he is a little nervous around adults at first, he comes around quickly. He’s a gorgeous boy so I don’t think he will last long at all!

Polo is a very sweet and playful 3 year old male. He loves toys, especially tennis balls and stuffed animals! He does well with other dogs and kids. He is a little shy with adults at first, but warms up quickly. He will be ready for adoption in early July after his neuter, nares and palate surgery.

PortiaPH ID: #7015
Welcome this little girl into our PugHearts family. Portia is a healthy two year old that was picked up off the streets of Laredo. She a very inquisitive little girl that love human companionship. Portia gets along with all of our grumble. She will be spayed mid July and her furever home is excitedly waiting for her to join their family.

Adoption Pending

PrincePH ID: #6368
Prince is a very spry older pug who has a vision impairment. However, this does not slow him down at all! He is very curious and loves to explore his environment. He has a habit of getting into small spaces and falling asleep. So we get to play hide and seek with him. He loves dinner time and soft food. Before he was rescued by PugHearts he had his jaw broken at some point, it has healed and left him with a very happy expression. He is learning how to receive love. He has started whining in our general direction to let us know he would like to be picked up and loved on.

RheaPH ID: #6985
Introducing foster Rhea. She’s a recent mommy that has found her way to PugHearts.

She’s a super sweet cuddle monkey. She’s house trained and an absolute joy.

Rhea is 3 years old.

She will have to go through heartworm treatment so it will be a little while before she’s available.

RhondaPH ID: #6914
Meet Rhonda. She is an 6 year old that is sadly, heartworm positive.

Rhonda has had a tough life, as she was born a hermaphrodite. This means she was born with male and female reproductive parts. The solution to this, spay and neuter. She decided she liked the name Rhonda, so that is her name.

Rhonda is wary of fast movement from people, but her foster Dad is working on that with treats offered frequently. Rhonda will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

Rosie 7PH ID: #5872
A quote from Foster Rosie : I may be old and I may be Grey but my love is the same. My steps may be slower, I might not hear you as well but my love is the same. I may not see you or feel you as I did, but my love is the same. My devotion is the same , My heart and soul is the same. I am grateful for all that you and have done and do and just remember my Love is the still the same ??. Love , Foster Rosie

RowanPH ID: #6940
Rowan is 3 years old at 14 pounds that came in infested with fleas, a horrible skin condition and utterly terrified of the human touch. After a week with his foster mom, he had learned to trust and embrace the unconditional love. He gets to sleep in the big bed. He loves toys and has started to play. His tail wags when he sees you and it just puts a smile on your face. It warms my heart when he finally begins to beg for that attention he so deserved for the last 3 years of his life. Rowan came in with intestinal worms that has now been treated, malnourished, and is unfortunately heart worm positive. He now has the chance of living a wonderful life thanks to PugHearts! The voice of the voiceless.

RupertPH ID: #6992
Rupert made his way to PugHearts as an owner surrender from a very nice family that saved him from the streets and attempted to find his owners. After several months they decide to surrender to us so that we could find him the very best home. Rupert is 2 years old and all puppy. He is so happy and so friendly too. He gets along with all the other dogs in the house and started initiating play on day 1. Rupert has the most beautiful cream coloring, brown eyes and the perfect heart on his nose. He is single coated, so you know that a great thing in regards to shedding! His intake exam went great! Rupert in heartworm negative! He will be neutered prior to adoption and by the way he pants, I’m almost certain that his palate will be shortened as well. Don’t let this one go. He is all kinds of amazing, and amazingly beautiful!

SantiagoPH ID: #7018
Santiago had a wonderful first day in his foster home.

He is heartworm negative and mostly healthy. He is a little anemic due to fleas and ticks, but he is on medication for that and will be neutered July 18 and will be ready after that. If he is not already pending he will be attending the dog show in July.

He has been pretty calm and laid back. He was aged at around 18 months by our vets. He is a bigger boy and weighs 23 pounds. He is very sweet and gets along with everyone. He is getting better at not marking and already learned how to use the doggy door. He slept well in his crate and slept all night. He is no longer afraid and is happy to follow you wherever you go.

SchnitzelPH ID: #6928
Everybody meet PH Schnitzel! He’s one of the newest members of the PugHearts family! Hailing from the town of Fredericksburg, this 9 month old little guy found himself left at a shelter, but now he’s on his way to the good life! He’s a bit timid of all of our dogs (let’s face it, 8 other dogs in your face can be a bit overwhelming), but he’s settling in, and running full out zoomies in the yard. I think he’s gonna be just fine.

ShaynaPH ID: #6478
Hi, my name is Shayna! In Yiddish, it means beautiful. I’m a 7 year old pug who came from China. I was brought by Pughearts to this wonderful country to start my sweet and pampered life. Because of my past life, I feel a little anxious and scared of humans. Good thing is that my foster mommy is very patient and allows me to stay in my crate where I feel safe. I’m scheduled to have my dental soon and nares surgery to help me breathe better. I know how to use the pee pad and will master the doggy door soon. By the way, I just want to say that I have adorable stubby legs and cute underbite which make me unique.

ShelbyPH ID: #6996
Full Description Coming Soon!

SnickerdoodlePH ID: #7013
Full Description Coming Soon!

StacyPH ID: #6990
Stacy is a delightful, petite, 4 year old, fawn, 15 pounder from a Rio Grande Valley shelter, who could not be more grateful to have made her way to PugHearts. She's currently lounging in the air conditioning, after a lovely bath and hearty dinner.

Stacy came to us with a raspy cough which we're treating, and existing blindness, which obviously is permanent. Do not fret. Stacy isn't. As a mom and foster of many blinds myself, I assure you, they are equally happy (perhaps more so) than any sighted dogs. They navigate new surroundings well after an impressively short time, relying on smell and touch, and ideally, at least one other dog in the home to cue off. She *might* know "sit", gives the sweetest kisses, sleeps crated or with you soundly, and seems agreeable to all pack pugs so far. Head tilts for DAYS. She's also pretty quiet mostly, but barks 'big like Rottweiler', so add watch dog to resume haha. No interest in toys yet, but I expect that to change in short order.

Stacy will be spayed soon, giving her an estimated ready date mid-July 2022. Meantime, follow her cheery, wonky teeth, eyes, and tales on Facebook and Instagram.

StephaniePH ID: #7023
Foster Stephanie showing her Vogue pose. She is sweet girl who just needs to shed a few pounds but gets around fine. Sleeps excellent in her crate and gets along with my Grumble.

She is 5 yrs old and heartworm negative. Surgery for Nares and Spay needed and then she will be ready to adopt!

SunshinePH ID: #6963
Sunshine (Sunny) came into PugHearts sight unseen. She is an orphan puppy that was being fed regular milk instead of puppy formula. The person caring for her was concerned she wouldn’t survive. PugHearts said yes we will take her!

Come to find out that our little orphan is not a pug. She is a German shepherd/ Boerboel mix.

Sunshine loves toys, she is oh so sweet. She will be the perfect loyal companion to a perfect family out there! This is one unique pup!

SweetiePH ID: #6834
Just when I think I have seen it all, we get a cruelty case that has my stomach turning.

A kind lady decided to walk toward a moving trash bag and investigate. That’s right. This old girl was found in a trash bag. That woman’s kindness and courage is the only reason Sweetie is alive.

As soon as the rescuer freed Sweetie, she was able to see the full scope of the abuse. Sweetie is skin and bones, missing so much hair and her eyes desperately need attention. When the woman called the shelter, she was told Sweetie would be euthanized. Thankfully she didn’t give up and found PugHearts.

Within 30 minutes we had transport on the way. Welcome to PugHearts, Sweetie. You are safe now.

Any pug, any age, any condition, any time.

Sweetie is 4 years old.

She has severe sarcoptic mange.

She is severe heartworm positive.

Stay tuned for this transformation!

TessaPH ID: #6132

Tessa came to PugHearts from San Antonio back in November as a 7 week old puppy with a prolapsed rectum. A prolapse will typically occur in puppies that haven’t been properly dewormed, causing severe diarrhea. A purse string was put in by the vet in San Antonio prior to her transport to Houston.

What is a purse string? Think of it as a drawstring in her rectum to hold her insides in, similar to holding the contents of a bag in place. This is so important because the longer that the bowls are out, the more necrotic the tissue becomes.

The purse string stayed in for 2 weeks and less than 48 hours after it was out, Tessa prolapsed again. She was rushed back to our vet to have an additional purse string. This is when we assumed the problem was bigger than we thought and it was discovered that Tessa has no muscle tone in her rectum. This purse string stayed in for 3 weeks, and this time she prolapsed less than 24 hours from removal. I became quite versed in pushing her colon back inside her body every time she prolapsed, until her emergency surgery was performed the following day.

Dr. Hendrix performed a Coloplexy on Tessa, essentially pulling and tacking the colon to the abdominal wall and leaving no room for an additional prolapse to occur.

Since this surgery, we have been finding out all the additional problems Tessa has, and assume she born with this defect. She has a total collapse of the 7th vertebrae leading into her pelvis causing nerve damage to the colon, which also gives her a funny gait and a spastic neurogenic colon. She has the urge to poop all the time, and will posture constantly with some, little or nothing coming out. It ends up on her, the other dogs, me and the wall on occasion. She has to have her anal glands manually expressed on a weekly basis because her body can’t do it. She will never be able to jump on and off the furniture or use stairs. There’s mornings that I want to scream and cry while I’m scrubbing poop, but then I see her and everything is worth it.

We’ve treated her with prednisone and metronidazole to no avail, and we currently have her on Tylan which has helped the consistency be more formed. She is on a strict diet of GI high energy wet food and Biome

If Tessa hadn’t found her way to PugHearts, she would not be here. There is no information on treating this condition because most dogs would have died or been euthanized. PugHearts is fighting for Tessa and we are doing everything that we can to help her. It’s not cheap, Her dog food is almost $80 a bag, but this little baby deserves the best. SLPH accepts manufacturers coupons for the Hill’s Science Diet food, if you’d like to donate those at the clinic. I had $15 worth today!

Today Tessa had her last booster. At this point, most puppies would be ready for adoption. Tessa is not. We’ve concluded that Tessa might not ever be adoptable, but we also aren’t calling her hospice. It’s unknown what Tessa might have to tackle next and with Pughearts and me as her foster, we will be ready to take on anything, but it’s not a burden we want future adopters to have to face.

Tessa is my baby. She is spoiled rotten just like she’s suppose to be. She spends the majority of her day being held or in my lap, and sleeps every night curled around my neck.

Please consider donating to Tessa’s care. She deserves the world and PugHearts is going to give it to her

TheodorePH ID: #7014
Full Description Coming Soon!

Tito 2PH ID: #7030
Full Description Coming Soon!

TrinketPH ID: #6962
Foster Trinket is a 14 yo female who is an owner surrender through no fault of her own. She was so loved but sadly, life got complicated for her humans and she found herself desperately needing to find a new home. Pughearts welcomed this precious little girl with open arms. Trinket is a very loving senior girl who is looking for a home where she can spend her glory days napping and reminiscing about the good ole days. Trinket is nearly blind and deaf but it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. She’s comfortable roaming around her foster home getting familiar with the layout. She is potty trained but requires help getting out to go potty and then back in. Trinket has a very easy going, sweet personality and gets along well with other dogs but her playful years are well behind her. She prefers to just lay in her bed and enjoy life or take long naps. If you are looking for a low maintenance pug, she is your girl.

TulipPH ID: #6998
Tulip is 5 years old and was an owner surrender. She is very timid in new situations, but warms up over time. She does occasionally like stuffed toys, but I wouldn't call her playful. She is calm, quiet, and observant. While she gets along well with other dogs, she would probably do best in a quieter home, maybe with older dogs and/or older children. She would also do well an only pet. She unfortunately does have heartworms and will receive treatment before being adopted. If you're interested in a small, calm pug who will take some time to feel at home, Tulip is your girl.

TumblePH ID: #4878
Tumble is a 13 yr old female better known as Tummy or Tum Tum. She is heartworm negative and already spayed.

From Tumble's foster: Tumble is a special needs foster, not due to health issues (as she is VERY HEALTHY), but due to fear and trust issues.

Tumble comes to PugHearts scared of everything. She does not trust men and will bark and bark to let them know to go away. She will slowly trust women and is the sweetest, gentlest, loving girl once you earn her trust.

I love and adore Tumble. Tumble and my husband....have learned to accept each other.

She is housebroken, heartworm negative, kennels on command and wags her whole body when she is happy to see you. Tumble is learning to trust my husband through food and morning coffee time. She is a typical pug and food is her motivator.

ValentinaPH ID: #7020
Introducing Lil Miss Valentina we are calling her Tina.

She came in from Mexico and is the mother of Catalina who sadly passed away shortly after getting to Houston, and the Grandmother of Santiago.

She is a small 15 pound, 6 to 7 yrs old. She has been at home for a short few hours. She has the sweetest personality, active but not crazy, but that could be she is running around checking everything out. She is very cuddly.

She is heartworm negative and spayed and scheduled for a dental in about a month, so she will be attending the dog show.

As she settles in I will be posting more about her. So if you are interested in her get your application in.

VictorPH ID: #6972
Full Description Coming Soon!

WalshPH ID: #6956
Walsh came to PugHearts with his 2 brothers Warren and Waylon. They are 6 weeks old and as cute as can be. While we know they are not pure pug, we are certain that mom was a pug. They seem to have the coloring and muzzle consistent with Puggles but we will see. Walsh has the smutty coat compared to his brothers and he is the smallest. He is super healthy and loves everyone. Once he’s 4 months old, Walsh will be ready to be neutered, and will have completed all his vaccines too. That might be a ways away, but it’s not too soon to get your applications in. Mixes are amazing and they’re so unique.

WarrenPH ID: #6955
Warren came to PugHearts with his 2 brothers Walsh and Waylon. They are 6 weeks old and as cute as can be. While we know they are not pure pug, we are certain that mom was a pug. They seem to have the coloring and muzzle consistent with Puggles but we will see. Warren has a smooth apricot coat. He is super healthy and loves everyone. Once he’s 4 months old, Warren will be ready to be neutered, and will have completed all his vaccines too. That might be a ways away, but it’s not too soon to get your applications in. Mixes are amazing and they’re so unique.

WaylonPH ID: #6954
Waylon came to PugHearts with his 2 brothers Walsh and Warren. They are 6 weeks old and as cute as can be. While we know they are not pure pug, we are certain that mom was a pug. They seem to have the coloring and muzzle consistent with Puggles but we will see. Waylon has a smooth apricot coat with district black eyebrows. He is super healthy and loves everyone. Once he’s 4 months old, Warren will be ready to be neutered, and will have completed all his vaccines too. That might be a ways away, but it’s not too soon to get your applications in. Mixes are amazing and they’re so unique.

WaynePH ID: #6913
Introducing Winky Wayne to PugHearts!

Wayne is a 6 year old male, he is heartworm positive, and he is looking for a fur-ever family! Wayne is a winky pug, but the vision in his remaining eye seems to be really good. He was just neutered and had a cyst removed from his side. He is settling in pretty well, but he is very high energy. I can't quite put my finger on it, but he is definitely a mix with some sort of bull.

Wayne is very good with other dogs. I currently have family visiting so he is socializing with 6 other pugs and my Siberian husky.

He is a very happy boy and he has a lot of energy. He travels well, he slept in a crate on his first night (and will again tonight) and he seemed to do ok in there. He tried to mark a lot during his first day, I do not trust him without his belly band yet.

I will post more pictures of him and provide more updates as he spends more time with us. I know it's a lot for this boy to take in, but he is handling the transition very well. He's a good boy and he'll need a loving family once his heartworm treatment is done.

ZeliaPH ID: #6939
Zelia is a sweet, petite, 4 yo black girl found wandering the streets of the Rio Grande Valley.

Like many cliches before her, she came to us in deplorable shape, from clearly neglectful backyard breeders.

Zelia has obviously been overbred, underfed, and poorly cared for all her life, including deprivation of life saving preventatives and vaccines. She is largely balding, and what little hair remains is sun bleached from living outdoors. She was covered in filth and fleas and resulting open bite wounds/scabs. She was an itchy, oozing, starving mess. Expectedly, she is also severe heart worm positive. As always, we got her prompt medical care. Zelia is receiving daily prescriptions for her skin and parasites. She's reveling in medicated baths (took 4 to get clear rinse water), regular meals, clean bedding, air conditioning, and endless toys, which she is quite enthusiastic about, even in her tragic state.

It will take a series of hurdles for Zelia to regain wellness. We hope for no complications or onset of more or related health problems. But right now? In true pug form, she wants to be with her people. She eats well. She wags every day. She gives kisses. She has so much love, despite being unloved herself for so long.

Look for Zelia to be adoptable around August, if she improves according to plan.